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June 2023 Newsletter

Dear Sangha, What inspires or motivates you to practice? I was recently re-reading the Sutra of the Past Vows of Earth Store Bodhisattva, and I was struck by the powerful descriptions of the various hell realms in that sutra. For some people, those descriptions help...

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May 2022 Newsletter

Dear Sangha,Over the past several weeks it has been a joy to return again to in-person practice and to our full daily service (gongyo) and meditation each week. Tendai is a form of temple Buddhism, and within that model there is a recognition that the physical space...

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March 2022 Newsletter

Dear Sangha,Over the past several days I’ve experienced disbelief, deep sadness, fear, anger, and worry as I’ve watched the Russian military invade Ukraine. I’ve seen images of families spending the night in subway stations to avoid the bombings. I’ve seen photos of...

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January 2022 Newsletter

Dear Sangha,In recent weeks I’ve heard several different people speak to the importance of embracing the deep quiet of winter in the northern hemisphere. The colder weather and shorter days invite us to slow down, to burrow deeper, to sleep more. When we listen to...

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