Volunteer your time to support our temple as a form of dana or generosity.

Here are some possible opportunies for service. Please reach out to Shingaku or Ryushin if you are interested in one of these opportunities.

    • Cleaning the hondo and gathering room (45 minutes before a Monday evening service or 45 minutes after a Saturday morning service)
    • Porch beautification (taking care of the front entrance of the temple, including providing flowers for the pots when appropriate)
    • Writing content or taking photos for the “monthly” newsletter
    • Social media assisstant
    • Tech assistant for online services
    • Serve on the board of directors or board of advisors
    • Something else (let us know what your idea is)

We appreciate your contributions to the sangha. Please arrange a time for service in advance rather than showing up to the temple unannounced.


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